E-QS wordpress website design with custom plug-ins

E-QS wordpress website design
E-QS WordPress custom order plugin

Web design for a new site and back-end development of wordpress plugins, customised to match the specific work process for a new online service targeting the building industry in Ireland

E-QS is an upcoming services for building companies and independent builder contractors in Ireland. When they want to submit tenders the contractors are required to provide specifically formated bills of quantities and materials, which in many cases take a lot of time to figure out and execute properly. E-QS offers an easy solution – contractors just upload their specification documents, fill in a couple of fields and soon they receive an email with a quote and a link for payment from E-QS for preparing the needed documents. Upon receiving a payment, the E-QS team prepares the documents and then sends them to the client.

This unique twist on the standard help-desk workflow, with integrated payment was taken care of by customising a few WordPress plugins to match the desired process. On the administrative side, all client data is sorted and stored as needed. It can be filtered, edited and updated and each action can be accompanied by a notification to the client.

For the visual design side of the project, we decided to use solid and slightly conservative combination of blue, black and light gray. To avoid being too formal we mixed things up a bit with a few gradients and subtle textures. The Droid Sans font (from Google Webfonts) used throughout the website combines these same characteristics – it has a mostly classical shape but with a modern, friendlier twist. It is serious and “straight-to-business” but not in a boring way. And of course, it is very readable as body text in regular font sizes.

All WordPress templates were cleanly written in HTML5 and neatly styled in CSS3. Everything from the home page content and blog posts to project submissions and contact form replies is easy to overview and manage from the WordPress administrative interface.

We’re looking forward to the service’s launch in Ireland soon.

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