Aisleigh Guesthouse Redesign

Guesthouse website design

Custom WordPress redesign and template development, along with a SEO effort and Facebook marketing campaign

Aisleigh Guesthouse is a nice place to stay in rural Ireland. Situated in a beautiful region with lots of things to see and do nearby, it’s the perfect place for a quiet family weekend. They also offer several self catering houses in the same time.

Website Redesign

Charlotte, the owner of Aisleigh Guesthouse was struggling with their old website – it was a pain to use and update. So we had to step in and do a complete redesign of the whole website. In addition she wanted to expand their web presence and engage their customers though a Facebook page. We had it all covered.

The website redesign focused around the various activities you can choose from while in the area and highlights all advantages of the guesthouse and the self catering houses.

With plentiful large photos and brief, friendly descriptions, the new website was designed to invite new customers and encourage return visits. And to make it all a complete experience, all rooms in the guesthouse as well as the five self catering houses can be booked from the new website using the easy online booking form in the header.

Visual style of the website had to combine a calm, warm, welcoming feel with modern aesthetics. To achieve that we selected a few subtle textures and combined them with a couple of interesting fonts. The end result is a refined style that feels fresh and conveys the atmosphere of the place.

Facebook Page

To promote the new website and the guesthouse, we were also hired to take over their Facebook page. Regular posting of photos, timely replies to comments and enquiries on the Facebook page and engaging the audience with interesting posts had a great result. For the couple of months while we were managing the guesthouse Facebook page, the people liking it was tripled – from about a thousand when we started to over four thousand likes. The visitor’s level of engagement and the number of people talking about the facility and sharing the photos also skyrocketed.

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