Go to papayaads.com Responsive web design and UI/UX design for a marketing website

Responsive web design for front page of the PapayaAds marketing website
User interface design for admin panel
Web design for small website

Responsive website design, logo design, WordPress development, illustrations, admin panel UI/UX and content writing for a new ad platform.

PapayaAds is a newly founded company, based in Israel. They are focused on providing fresh options for online marketers and site networks, seeking alternatives to the big ad platforms and products to help web publishers monetize their blogs.

PapayaAds were just starting out and we were asked to create the new marketing web site for the service along with the company’s brand, image and voice.

The name “PapayaAds” suggested that they are aiming for a fresh approach and that had to be apparent in everything from typography to colour scheme and the company’s tone of voice. The logo symbol – a slice of papaya is a natural fit. It both works with the name of the company and has a star shape inside, alluding to how the company makes each of their clients “a star”. The playful vertical displacement of several letters in the logotype speaks of the company’s friendly, informal attitude towards their clients.

Content writing for the new website

Simultaneously with the branding work, our copywriters were working on setting the company’s tone of voice – friendly, but not too cute; knowledgeable but not condescending; informative but not dry and nerdy. Then some quality content was written: Describing the services PapayaAds offers for each of their client types (publishers, marketers and site networks); Selling the benefits for the customer in each of the suggested advertisement options; Providing just enough information to educate the customer and promote the service without drowning them in too much technical details and dry statistics. In the end leaving the visitor willing to sign up and try the services PapayaAds offers for their specific needs.

Responsive Web Design

And with good content in place, work on the actual web site design and development was well under way too. We proposed to PapayaAds that a responsive, mobile friendly design is not just appropriate but actually a must. With the number of mobile devices connected to the internet growing steadily there’s just no reason for a new website to be left hard to use or inaccessible on anything but a computer.

We went for a responsive web design with 4 breakpoints: smartphones; small tablets; netbook & large tablets; desktop computers & laptops. Each breakpoint fitting a myriad of devices with varying screen size, with content being rearranged and restyled to best fit the device’s capabilities.

Web Standards & WordPress Development

For the back-bone of the website we selected WordPress. Its versatility and ease of use along with the large pool of available plugins made it an obvious choice. It’s also very easy to manage and extend as there are many experienced WordPress developers available for the job, be it big or small.

All the coding was done in HTML5, CSS3 and with the help of some LESS magic. Based on current web standards and best practices the PapayaAds marketing web site is working in all major browsers – desktop and mobile.

Administrative UI/UX Design

Needless to say, the guys at PapayaAds were quite happy with the work and the final results. In fact they also hired us to create the front-end UI/UX for their service’s administration facility, as well as several smaller web sites for a few of their products.

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