Facebook development, mobile UI/UX design, responsive design for Qello

Qello website design prototype
Qello website design concept

UI/UX design, prototypes, wireframes and implementations of responsive web design and a Facebook app for a video on demand service

Qello is an unique online service that offers live music videos, concerts and music documentaries on demand. The service runs on iPhone, iPad and Android devices, as well as any browser, and also as a social Facebook app.

As part of the Qello team we worked to create a consistent and seamless experience between the different incarnations of the service.

A couple of our team members were contracted to work together with the main Qello.com team for several months. In this short time we were responsible for a few of the early iterations of the Facebook app back-end and front-end development and the web based implementation of the service. We aso worked on the UI/UX design and development of a responsive mobile website, providing experience similar to the native iOS and Android Qello apps.

Qello facebook app design

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