Free web design quote

Web design and development services

Whatever you need from a small web site or blog to a large product catalogue, we got you covered. You get a professional service from the initial prototypes to usability testing and responsive mobile-friendly web design. Or you may just need a fast template for your WordPress site. We do all that and more.

Web application development

We’ve built ecommerce solutions, informational systems, industry specific software so yes, we can build any complex application your business needs. Totally custom built or based on other platforms, it all depends on your needs and requirements. You’ll also get helpful advice on what hosting plan to use or what kind of servers to rent.

Copywriting and localisation

Every website needs quality content and you can rely on our professional copywriting services for yours. And if you already have all your content we can translate it for your foreign customers. Both content writing and translations are available in all European languages.

Graphic design and illustration

Stock images and stationery templates are all fine, but sometimes you need something unique, that no canned graphics can deliver. That’s when you can take advantage of our skills for your custom illustrations, 3D models and scenes, stationery design and logo design.

Hosting & server administration

Sometimes it’s better to have an expert to rely on when things get serious. High traffic web sites and complex web applications demand constant attention and care. We’re experts in scaling, load balancing and system optimisations. You can benefit from all these services via a monthly subscription plan.

Consulting and research

Can’t decide how your business should approach the web? Not sure about the details around your mobile content? Web site not performing as it used to? We can help you out with expert advice and extensive research.


A complete service

From UI/UX design, graphics, illustrations and web development to server setup, administration and content writing. All under the same roof.

By trusting the complete set of services to a single agency, you make sure communication is fast and efficient. Everybody is in the loop and work as a team. Each team member bears responsibility for their own work and for the overall state of the project as well. And there’s not a chance that somebody will just disappear mid-project and fail to deliver their part of the job. It all just works better.

Scale & Flexibility

As a team we’re specializing mostly in medium size projects – anything between 80 and 400 hours is right up our alley. But we also have the capacity and experience to expand on per project basis. We have formed partnerships with other local professionals who sometimes work within our team as contractors.

You may have in-house specialists or you’ve already hired other contractors for something beyond our expertise. That’s fine – we’d be glad to collaborate with them in a friendly and efficient way.

Finally, we won’t outsource your work. Ever. You can always be sure that your project is being handled by whom you’ve hired for the job. This guarantees you quality and fast turnaround times. It also makes us sure that we can deliver what we promise.

Are you a web developer?

If you are a web developer or a web agency and you are often overburdened, we can assist you with the most daunting tasks:

  • Server and hosting administration – VPS management, load balancing, optimizations, maintenance and general problem solving;
  • CMS, blog and ecommerce system setup and deployment - we deal with all that tedious stuff so you would have time for the more important tasks;
  • Template integration – if you got a template we will help you integrate it with your web application, blog or CMS;
  • Template design – when you need a new look or a choice of design themes for your web application;
  • Module development – for web applications that lack a certain needed functionality we help you add it in;
  • General web coding – be it PHP, Python, Perl, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, XHTML, HTML5, CSS3 we will code it for you.

Need our assistance? Please, let us know how we can help you.

Wondering about our rates?

Web design and development requires custom work that depends on many factors. That’s why we can’t provide a pricing list. So please contact us and we’ll give you a free quote for your web project. After discussing all the aspects with you, we will write a specification sheet with a list of deliverables, a deadline and a quote.

To give you a rough idea about pricing – responsive design and development for a medium size web site (think 5-10 pages) with the most common functionality like gallery, news, blog, sliding banners, contact forms often is in the €2000 to €3000 range, while designing and developing an ecommerce site or similar web app is likely to cost between €3000 and €4000 in most cases. We also offer fully custom web application development based on popular frameworks like Angular, Laravel, Xamarin, Ionic, etc.

The base hourly fee of our agency is €40 per hour, per person involved. We also offer discount rates based on the specifics of each project.

For specific hourly rates for design, development, content writing or server administration, please contact us.