Got an old company website? Do you find yourself often trying to work around its inherited quirks? Does it still convey the image and emotion of your company accurately? Are you fed up with customers calling about parts of the site not working? Don’t even know where to put that new promotional image and brochures on the site? Seems like it’s time to let it go and get a fresh website redesign.

Many businesses rely heavily on their company website to create brand awareness and drive customers their way. And even though this is by far the cheapest and easiest PR and sales tool available, some businesses neglect it and cut their way to many potential customers. Company image and sales could take a serious hit when a company site is starting to show its age and slowly becomes bloated and unmanageable.

So how can your business benefit from a website redesign then? If you get the right studio for the job, you’d be surprised how much can be improved and what impact a new website could have on your business.

Company Image

First and foremost, your company will look good in your customers’ eyes – a serious and usable website creates the impression that you’re not cutting corners, that your company is a modern, well run business and that would give you an edge over your close competitors. Additionally a well designed company website affirms your brand and nicely complements your offline brand identity.

Getting Information

If your site’s navigation is well thought and designed specifically for the content and information it offers, that makes an enormous difference to the end user – they can find whatever they need to know about your products and services, instead of leaving frustrated to check the competition. A thorough informational website breathes confidence into prospective clients and helps build brand loyalty among existing clients. So why not use this free, positive PR to your advantage?

Tap Into New Unexplored Markets

When your company website is properly done and your content is well written, search engines will love it and will bring a lot of new prospective clients your way. With the right content strategy and by providing a good amount of current information, your website will be an excellent target for people who search for related topics. Of course you can realistically expect that some of those users will also become your clients.

Furthermore if you extend your online presence with social network integration with sites like Facebook, there’s a whole new audience there, waiting to find out about your products and services.

Managing Content

Last but not least, a well built business website offers fully custom or at least customized CMS (content management system) that allows for fast and methodical adding, editing or deleting of information, news, blogs, galleries, product catalogues and promotional materials. In short, a CMS allows you to run your entire site without the need of a dedicated site support team or hired developers. When everything is well planned from the get go, a CMS could be the one-stop tool for you to manipulate anything and everything on your site. A good CMS even allows for large scale future website expansion, without the need of further redesigns or web developer’s work.

In Conclusion

A company website redesign is an important step in improving your brand and marketing presence. It is also one that requires careful consideration, planning and analysis. Of course there are also the marginal cases when practically anything would be better than the current mess of a site you may have. That however doesn’t mean that your new company website should be rushed or sloppily thrown together, or you may end up in the same spot in an year or so.

So when considering a company website redesign, be sure to have a clear plan, realistic goals and reliable partner who delivers. Also be sure to pick a provider who can help you get all the aspects right – branding and visual style, copy writing and content strategy, web system development – all these are crucial for the success of your online presence. And finally, think of how you’d want your website to look and feel in two, three or five years from now.

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